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5 best ideas why Planning will Fails | Goal Setting Tips

6 best ideas why Planning will Fails Goal Setting Tips

People are getting afraid while setting their goals. And that’s why, here, we gives you a 5 best ideas why Planning will Fails. In that situation, Powerful goal setting tips that will help you to achieve your goal.

Planning: Generally, person are setting their goals and dreams by using an available resources in order to achieve the goals is called a planning.

But sometimes, planning are not done according to our needs. So that planning will fails. Therefore, we provides you a 5 best ideas why Planning will Fails. And also gives best Goal Setting Tips.

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6 best ideas why Planning will Fails

1.Lack of Clarity

If goals are not clear, supporting action plans will fail. Goals must be personal and meaningful; otherwise you’ll have no reason to achieve them. You need to work out what you really want, not what other people think you want. Our goal setting tips will help you in clear your clarity regarding Goals.

For Example – Is popular Goal of making more moneymeaningful to you? This goal is meaningless unless you have a reason driven by your desires and needs. You need to ask yourself “Why do I want to make more money?” To keep up with your neighbour or friends is not a meaningful reason. To pay for better education for your kids or to live in a safer area or to provide security to your family and loved ones – they are all meaningful reasons, because they are personal to you.

5 best ideas why Planning will Fails-Lack of Clarity

2.Being unrealistic

Remember S.M.A.R.T. Goals! Just because you’ve written down a goal doesn’t mean it is just going to happen. You need to put efforts to achieve your goals, and the only way you’ll be able to get there is if the goals are reasonable and realistic. If you set unrealistic goals, you are just setting yourself up for failure.

For example we all know that you can’t lose 10 kg overnight or you can’t complete marathon if you haven’t been practicing. You need to set realistic deadlines if you want to achieve these goals. Remember, it takes longer to learn new skill or to quit old habit. So set realistic deadline.

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3.Not taking action

Having a meaningful goal in writing is only half the story – you need an action plan to tell you how to get there. All successful missions have had a plan or strategy. Analogy of the map – “the goal is the destination; the map is how to get there.”  Take the time to plan the journey so you take the best route.

Having a perfect plan aimed at getting you to that dream destination is not worth anything if it just sits with you – you must act on your plan! The plan will guide you and tell you what to do, if you are ready to take the first step. In the words of Nike Just Do It!

5 best ideas why Planning will Fails-Not taking action

4.Getting Distracted

Success at achieving your goals requires single minded focus, commitment and perseverance. Sometimes your energy may be low and you can think of quitting, but it’s important not to give up. Visualize the outcome of your goal and continue!

To help keep you focused, try taking help of a close friend or personal mentor. You can share you successes and failures with them to help you grow from these experiences.

Goal Setting Tips-Getting Distracted

5.No Follow-Through

Planning is a continuous process. This is your road map, your life guide, and needs to be referred to constantly to make sure you’re continuing to go in the right direction.

Your priorities and your goals may  change from time to time (for example if you start a family) and if this is the case, it is important to sit down and go through the goal setting process again to make sure your goals still have that personal meaning to make you WANT to achieve them.

Goal Setting Tips No Follow-Through

Golden words of success see the clock only when you don’t have work, don’t see clock when you are working , clock is a lock for Success.     

         – Kishor Pipaliya ( Co-Founder of SPARK Institute)

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